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Sam Hunt is one of the most popular country music artists to date. On the off chance that things had gone another way, we would discuss Sam Hunt as a genius football player instead. After school, Hunt was a talented football player with a goal of playing with the Kansas City Chiefs. When football didn't work out, the multi-talented star swung to music. Sam moved to Nashville in 2008 and discovered accomplishment as a musician. To begin with, he penned hits like Kenny Chesney's "Come Over". He also wrote Keith Urban's "Cop Car." In 2014, he made his mark as a singer with his rookie collection, "Montevallo". This album incorporated hit singles like "Leave the Night On", "Local Party" and the famous "Break Up in a Small Town." In 2015, Hunt was the ACM Awards' New Artist of the Year. He also featured in his own Lipstick Graffiti Tour. Sam Hunt worked on an official first single from his hotly anticipated imminent sophomore collection recently. This is a constantly poppy, serotonin-doused song called "Body Like a Back Road." It's a hybrid track that may have some fans of Country music shouting, that it is a crossover song, not Country. That doesn't matter to Hunt. That is just the same old thing for the Alabama local. Not long ago, Hunt wrote "Drinkin' Too Much," which sounded more like a tanked phone message than a song to some listeners. The SoundCloud post late New Year's Eve night was a thirst trap straight out of Drake's playbook. A few days after the fact he declared his engagement to Hannah Lee Fowler, his long-lasting on-and-off fire. A while ago when Hunt completed his collection Montevallo in 2014, fans called attention to parallels between him and the Canadian rapper, Drake. Their vocal style, which is a mix of singing and talking, is similar.

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